Cupping is a form of Chinese Medicine in which special cups are placed on the skin and a vacuum is induced to lift and mobilize soft tissues. This vacuum stimulates blood flow bringing nutrients and oxygen to the muscles to help increase healing and leaves the distinct, red circle that many of you may recall seeing on your favorite college, professional, or Olympic athlete. Cupping has been shown to provide the following benefits:

• Increased recovery
• Increased blood flow
• Increased range of motion and flexibility
• Decreased swelling and inflammation
• Decreased pain
• Reduce stress
• Reduced soreness and stiffness

There are many different ways to utilize cupping. The main uses can be grouped together as either passive or active cupping. Passive cupping involves simply placing the cups on the regions being treated and leaving them for the duration of treatment without any active movement. Active cupping describes treatment in which cupping is applied while a muscle is actively moved through a range of motion. Both methods are highly effective and utilized at Hybrid Recovery depending on the needs and goals of the patient.

As noted before, cupping is a very popular treatment and recovery option for athletes at the amateur, collegiate, and professional level. Athletes and patients around the world recognize cupping as a great approach for the following situations:

• General muscle stiffness and tightness
• Muscular injury
• Lack of flexibility
• Excessive soreness following training
• Joint and soft tissue swelling
• Back Pain

We recommend cupping as a foundational part of any recovery plan. Whether you are looking to increase performance, help recover from an injury, or looking to maintain your general wellness and reduce stress, cupping will help keep you at the top of your game!

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