Offensive Line Development Camp

Practice Starts Now!


The Offensive Line Development Camp offers an opportunity to tough, coachable, young lineman who are willing to work to improve their skillset and dominate up front.

This is a six week program spanning June 1st to July 19th. These additional 18 sessions of skill and technique work build a larger foundation and give our linemen the advantage of being better prepared and better developed than the competition when summer camp starts.

Each week consists of two practices followed by a film session at the end of the week. Parents and/or coaches are welcome to view practices or film.

Services Include:


Each player is taught the same fundamentals and technique taught at The University of Iowa – A program known for developing sound, technical offensive linemen.


The lessons learned in football can teach us a lot about life. Our objective is to build a smart, tough, mental foundation for success both on the field and in life.


A well prepared athlete is a successful athlete. This is why we spend a third of our time teaching our athletes how to analyze and learn from watching film.


Recruiting can be both enjoyable and stressful. Wether it’s building highlight tapes, selecting camps, or understanding the process better – we’re here to help.

What We Teach

As Coach Ferentz used to say, “We’re not an amusement park. You don’t have to be ‘this tall’ to ride the roller coaster.”

Physical attributes like height and weight certainly help, but the formula for success as an offensive lineman has always come down to our three core values: Smart. Detailed. Tough. An offensive lineman who displays these three attributes can fit into any program, playbook, or blocking scheme. These are the attributes which we focus on in the O-Line Development Program.


Preparation is by far the least developed skill in young athletes. Ask any successful football player, and they will tell you that their ability to perform on Saturdays and Sundays are directly related to their ability to analyze themselves and their opponent on film. We spend one session a week breaking down each athlete’s film to build preparation skills and improve performance at practice and on gameday.

**Please Note** All drills are filmed from multiple angles and placed on Hudl to be viewed for film days. Access to this film is given to athletes and coaches who utilize Hudl.


Fundamentals and technique are the difference between winning and losing the battle upfront. For an offensive lineman, the goal on every play is to be 100% perfect. The closer to perfect, the more successful the outcome. Our practices are solely focused on building the following fundamentals:

  • Stance
  • First and Second Step
  • Aiming Point
  • Sets, Placement, and Positioning
  • Effort
  • Leverage
  • Finishing Blocks


Tough and physical are two words that have always been associated with the offensive line. Both are a mental state that can be developed and are hugely important in not only the game of football – but also the game of life. Practice follows a high effort, highly focused tempo, but also provides opportunities to mentor and develop character and work ethic in a young athlete. Our goal is to create a culture that preaches discipline and toughness. We invite any parent or coach to attend a practice or film session to see this culture first hand

build the foundation

In order to succeed at any level, you need three things: Knowledge, culture, and facilities. Our program provides young athletes access to all three:

The Coach

Coach Tyrel Detweiler looks to bring a unique perspective to young athletes in the greater Columbus area. For over a decade he has been an athlete, coach, and team chiropractor within high school and collegiate football programs. Following his career at the University of Iowa, he has devoted his career to mentoring, treating, and developing offensive lineman to help them realize their maximal potential.

The Experience

Over a decade of football experience:

2007-2010 Offensive Guard – University of Iowa

2011-2012 Assistant Offensive Line Coach – Williamsburg High School

2014-2015 Member of Sports Medicine Team – University of Missouri (MIZZOU)

2015-2018 Official Team Chiropractor – University of Memphis

The Facilities

Our camp is situated inside The Spot Athletics in Dublin, OH. The Spot Athletics is a 20,000 square foot private training facility. It provides access to world-class equipment including 50 yards of indoor turf. For information about other services available at The Spot Athletics, visit their website.


The 2019 season starts June 1st


  • 18 Sessions - 90 Minutes Each
  • $750 Per Lineman ($42 Per Session)