Our Founders: Clinicians by Trade. Athletes at Heart.

At Hybrid Performance Group, we believe in an Athlete-Based Approach. We treat each of our patients as athletes with a personal, achievable performance goal. Whether your goal is a world record lift, winning a championship, beating your personal best in a local race, getting out of pain, or simply becoming a better version of yourself – you can do it. And we can help. At Hybrid Performance Group, we don’t just treat athletes, we are athletes.


Tyrel Detweiler, DC, MS

Co-Founder/Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Detweiler looks to incorporate his personal experiences in athletics into his treatment to speed recovery, maximize performance, and improve overall function.

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Devee Sresthadatta, PT, DPT

Co-Founder/Doctor of Physical Therapy

“I love what I do. My goal is to be a true advocate for the well-being of my clients. Part of the reason I keep a hand in other settings is so that I can always know what new ways are being developed to treat people. I’ll always be a student of my profession and I am very eager and excited to bring that experience and outlook to the clients and members of Hybrid Performance Group.”

Our Story

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Our Facilities

We are not your average health care facility. Whether you’re rehabbing from an injury, pushing your body to perform, or trying to get out of chronic pain, Hybrid Performance Group was built to tailor to your needs. We provide the best equipment for injury, pain, recovery and performance based care to make sure that all of our client’s needs are cared for.

Our office is designed to model the environment of a collegiate or professional level sports medicine team. It is split into 2 doctor’s offices, a rehabilitation room, and the Hybrid Recovery Room. We provide state of the art equipment and treatment strategies to address the needs of our clients to get out of pain, perform, and prevent future injury.

Much like in any Division I collegiate program, if 2000 square foot of office space is not big enough, our office opens up into a world class 20,000 square foot training facility, The Spot Athletics. This allows us to further analyze the cause of your pain or dysfunction and teach you how to move in the gym or at home on your own.

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