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Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound has many uses in medicine. Most people think of ultrasound as the machine that allows parents to visualize their infant while it is still in the mother’s womb (diagnostic ultrasound), but did you know ultrasound can also be used as a therapy to decrease inflammation and pain and increase healing?

As a therapy option, ultrasound has been used for a wide spectrum of ailments from breaking up kidney stones to cataract removal to increasing recovery in muscle and ligament injuries. Ultrasound has also been proven to be a fantastic option for conditions like bursitis or ankle sprains, but also provides basic recovery benefits to the uninjured person whom is looking to increase their recovery or accomplish general maintenance on the body.

At Hybrid Performance Group, ultrasound is a member of our Hybrid Recovery package because of its proven ability to increase recovery. Our clients who utilize ultrasound notice the following benefits of ultrasound:

• Decreased swelling
• Decreased inflammation
• Decreased joint pain
• Decreased tendon and joint soreness
• Improved recovery time


Therapeutic ultrasound works by producing short bursts of ultrasonic soundwaves which is absorbed in the body and provides energy in the form of heat to the region for healing. This in response causes increased blood flow and energy at the level of the target tissue, providing a cascade of physiological events that are responsible for the healing benefits that our clients experience after its use.

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