A chiropractor focuses on a conservative approach to maintaining proper joint movement and nervous system function. This means assessing the body to identify compensations or restrictions of proper movement, which is why it is a therapy of choice for athletes and active populations who are concerned about achieving high levels of performance and health.

These compensations or restrictions can manifest in many ways whether it be a joint “sticking” or “locking up”, a muscle being too tight or too loose, causing improper joint motion, or a neurological compensation in which the problem is that the body has adapted to an improper way of moving due to an previous injury, bad posture, or bad habits.

Chiropractic works to address the cause of this improper movement in the body. This is typically done as a hands-on treatment, whether it be working on the joints with a chiropractic adjustment to restore motion, releasing a muscle, or retraining the body how to move correctly. The chiropractic adjustment is a practice that is unique to the chiropractic profession and requires hundreds of hours of in class and clinical training. Through the chiropractic adjustment, a joint in the spine or body that is identified as having less that optimal motion is restored to a normal range of motion and function through the use of a light manual force delivered by the physician.

Seeing a chiropractor is great option for pain, and muscle and joint injuries. It is also commonly utilized as a “maintenance” therapy as many people find that regular visits to their chiropractor keeps their body functioning optimally and prevents injuries before they happen. This is why so many competitive athletes and active populations utilize chiropractic to keep their body healthy and help recover from the demands of their sport.

Currently, almost every professional team and most college teams utilize a team chiropractor or offer chiropractic to their athletes. The high demands on an athlete’s body demands equally large amounts of recovery. Athletes and active patients cannot afford to have injuries or pain limit their ability to perform or enjoy the lifestyles and hobbies that they love. For these individuals, maintaining their body becomes an investment which allows them to add extra years to their career, or to enjoy being active longer.

Chiropractic is also a safer and less invasive option for those looking for an alternative to prescription pain medication and surgery for their ailments. Often times, chiropractic can help eliminate the need for drugs and surgery altogether.

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