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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a conservative healthcare approach that focuses on the restoration of functional, pain-free movement and improving the quality of life for the individual. Skilled Physical Therapy uses the tools of objective and manual assessment to find the root cause and dysfunction present within the body. Finding the key to the cause then allows the creation of a treatment protocol to address the problem and promote the return to a pain free life- style.

Through assessment an individualized program, which includes manual therapy and prescribed exercises and activities, normal movement is created. In many instances of injury or negative changes in physical performance there needs to be a “re-programming” of the movement patterns that led to dysfunction. Therefore, a significant portion of physical therapy intervention focus on creating improved biomechanical movement patterns. These movement patterns are often habits that have developed over the life-time of the client. With improved biomechanics comes improvements in athletic performance and achievement of pain free, optimal movement.

A typical Physical Therapy session with Hybrid Performance Group will consist of an hour of one-on-one care with a Doctorate level Physical Therapist. Each individual session will can include a variety of modalities (Dry Needling, Graston, Manual Therapy, Cupping, etc) and motor re-programming activity. All being dependent on the need of the client. The end goal of each treatment session and protocol, aside from pain relief, is to provide the individual with the necessary tools and appropriate resources to allow them to be independent in taking care of themselves. Education and awareness of one’s body and patterns is the way to ensure a reduction in potential future injuries and guarantee an improvement in performance.

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