Athlete Testimonials


Christain Anto

Top 10 World Ranked Powerlifter

“Dr. Detweiler has a very lengthy resume. He is a very knowledgeable individual and a lot of the athletes at our facility have a load of respect for him as a provider. Utilizing his knowledge and chiropractic has kept me in the game of powerlifting and has allowed me to progress with my goals in the elite level of powerlifting. I would recommend Dr. Detweiler to just about anyone from elite athletes to general population.”

Jordan Detweiler

Jordan Detweiler

Offensive Lineman, Western Illinois University

“Tyrel has been extremely helpful in my football career. As an offensive lineman, I have had my fair share of injuries and setbacks. When playing at a high level in Division I football, having a good chiropractor is essential. I can recall one instance during fall camp where my foot and plantar fascia was really bothering me to the point that I could hardly walk on it. After Tyrel worked with me, it immediately felt better. The next day it was as if it was never hurt and it hasn’t bothered me since. Tyrel not only has been a great chiropractor, he has been a role model to me my whole life, as a big brother and a coach. He is a major reason why I’ve made it this far in my football career and in life. ”

Genard Browns

Genard Avery

Linebacker - University of Memphis, Cleveland Browns

“Thanks for keeping my body right!!”

General Population Testimonials

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